Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Maps are very helpful documents - they are most often used to show geography - cities and states - entire countries and places around the globe. Pirates were famous for their treasure maps - leading people to vast treasures of silver and gold. Today we have the technology to do brain mapping - DNA mapping and even extraterrestrial mapping.  Maps show us where we are and how to get to where we want to be. They may be global - providing an entire world view - or highly detailed - showing streets and individual homes. Modern computer technology allows us to even view mapped locations in real time views.  Without maps many people would not have any idea how to get to their destination. 
When God inspired humans to write down His words - to share with others - He was designing the first written map - a map on how to live our lives - how to relate to Him and to each other. His map - the Bible - is a story of God's love for us throughout the ages. His map takes us from the creation of the world - to the birth and death of His Son - to our future lives with Him in Heaven. If we follow God's map - we will see clearly where we are on this Earth - we will see clearly how we are suppose to react and travel with those around us.  He will show us the paths to avoid - the danger spots - the places of great joy - the location of our final home. Jesus is the guide who shows us how to read God's map - Jesus is the One who walks this journey with us - Jesus is the Son who shows us the way home to God's eternal treasure.

Deacon Dale 

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