Friday, April 18, 2014

The Triduum - Good Friday - Nails in the Pail

Today - Good Friday - a somber day of the year - a very somber day of the Triduum. Today we commemorated the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus - we read the Passion - again - we listened - again - to the reason - the justification of Jesus' atoning death. After listening - we walked - slowly - to the Cross of Christ - we knelt before the Crucifix - kissed the cross - the feet of Jesus - this year - with square head nails in hand - dropping the nails - our sins - in a metal pail - at the foot of His cross - giving to Him - our sins - our sorrows - our disappointments - the sound of the nails in the pail - resonating throughout the sanctuary - drawing us closer to His Passion - onwards to communion - where we shared in Eucharist - from last nights Holy Mass - walking away in silence - walking away - in sorrow - to meditate - to contemplate - to pray - awaiting Holy Saturday - the Vigil Mass - Resurrection

Jesus could not walk away - He had no options - He was submissive to His Father - allowing Himself to be nailed to a cross - for US. He committed no sins - carried Our sins to the cross - our sins - the metal of the nails that pierced His skin - His hands - His feet - for us.  Jesus died that we might live - tonight we wait - we pray - ready to celebrate - resurrection.

Deacon Dale 

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