Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Rain in Spain

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain - a song from the musical - My Fair Lady - originally published in 1956. The song was a turning point in the plot of the musical in which Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering had been incessantly drilling Eliza Doolittle with exercises to correct her speech - to break her Cockney accent. When my wife and I were preparing to walk the 500 mile El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain in 2013 - we read - studied - devoured - all the information we could find - walking conditions - weather probabilities - equipment needed - proper use of trekking poles - availability of food - language issues - everything.  One major concern was rain - the mud - humidity - wet boots - wet socks - wet clothes.  We were blessed in many and numerous ways - the one special blessing - one rain day - the last day - the easiest day. It rained in the mountains - the plains - the high lands and the low lands - it did not stay in the plain.

As the saying goes - into every life - a little rain must fall.  It is inevitable - unavoidable - a definite possibility. Where there is life - there will be heat and cold - dry and wet - snow and rain.  Rain nurtures - cleanses - revitalizes - people - plants - animals. Without rain - we would not have water - we would cease to exist.  For all of God's people - His blessings are poured upon us - daily - every day. We are showered with His love - His forgiveness - His acceptance. As rain falls from the sky and waters the ground - so does His love rain upon us to fill us with all His promises. When God sends His rain - do not run inside - to avoid - stay outside - let His blessing pour upon you - receive His Spirit - His love.  As we continue to contemplate our Lenten journey - dance in the rain - with Jesus.

Deacon Dale 

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