Monday, September 2, 2013

Eres Mia

Eres Mia - You are Mine.  It doesn't matter what language it is spoken in - when God tells us that we are His - we feel loved and accepted. Last night we attended the pilgrims Holy Mass in the Chapel of Saint Tecla at the Cathedral in Burgos, Spain. Of course the Mass was entirely in Spanish so we didn't understand a lot of what was said. I did pickup up enough to know the priest was referring to Saint Augustine and to pilgrims. I could also tell from his facial expressions and delivery and smile that he was encouraging each of us on our walk to Santiago. Mass ended with a special pilgrims blessing - the crowded chapel dismissed with the simple form - "Go - in peace".

Walking in peace is not always an easy thing to do - too many distractions - too many things to do - too many things on our mind. To walk in peace means to step back - to walk away - to a place of solitude - where you can empty your mind and open it up to God. In that time of quiet He will speak to you and you will hear - Eres Mia - You Are mine.

Deacon Dale