Friday, May 27, 2022


IMHO - In my humble opinion - why are we begging - screaming - complaining - that our government leaders are not passing laws to protect our children?  Laws are written on paper - not in the hearts - minds - of those who choose to do wrong.  It seems to me that every school district - funded by the local citizens - can make any - all - rules regarding school hours - curriculum - and more.  SO......why can't they simply lock their doors - hire security personnel - install security cameras?  To me this seems so very easy.  Sure it may cost a few dollars - but our children's lives and the lives of our teachers are worth it.   AND... it can be done immediately.

Contact your school district today and ask them what security measures they have in place and if they don't - ask why... It not only takes a community to raise a child - also to protect them.  Time to quit blaming others and as a community ban together to get changes made today.

Deacon Dale 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

And In The Meantime.......

 Well it has been almost a month since my last post.  In that time we returned to Illinois - went to The Netherlands - back to Illinois - now back to our routine of mowing the lawn - living life in Illinois.  To say the least - it has been busy - very rewarding - looking forward to summer.  A quick recap on the traveling - no issues to cope with - some minor delays - being patient a big help.  Doing a Covid test to return to the States - very easy - negative results - no surprise.  The Netherlands was a pleasant distraction from all the crazy things going on back home in the States - good food - friendly people - an easy place to navigate.  We celebrated Mothers Day while there with a wine and cheese canal cruise in Amsterdam with a bunch of friendly tourists from all over the world.  If you have considered visiting The Netherlands - we definitely recommend - would return if the opportunity presents itself.

Keukenhof Botanical Gardens   Lisse, Netherlands

As Easter Season is rapidly coming to an end we count our blessings - the gift of life - the gift of love - family - friends - new opportunities - exciting challenges ahead. Walking though this life - with Jesus at our side - outstanding.  The thousands of tulips we saw at the Keukenhof gardens definitely made us stop - think - how beautiful life may be - if only we focus on the beauty that life offers us - rather than focusing on sad - unhappy things - events.  God is good - He calls each of us to receive the blessings He freely sends to us - every day of our lives.

Deacon Dale