Thursday, January 27, 2022

When Words Fail.....

If you ask anyone - the majority will admit that there were occasions when words failed them - unable to speak.  Moments such as this happen more often than most will admit - no words - choosing to turn - walk away - speechless.  When this happens - many become frustrated - angry - embarrassed that they had no answer - no reply.  For those who are open - in those moments God sends them - tears - hugs.  Sad occasions very often prompt such responses - funerals especially draw these emotions out of people who are compassionate.  Lacking the words required - a simple heartfelt hug - allowing tears to flow - speaks volumes to others.

As humans our basic instinct is to care.  Care for ourselves - care for others - care for our community.  This basic feeling distinguishes us from other animals.  In God's plan each of us was created for each other - the gifts He has given us - the abilities - skills - although beneficial to ourselves - intended to be freely shared with others.  In Genesis 2:18 we are told: "The Lord God said: it is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suited to him."  From that action God created woman and from that action followed - family - community.  Just as man benefited from a partner who would be a helper so did those who followed also become helpers.  None of us is an island - more than we sometimes want to admit - there are others available to assist - when words fail - there are tears - hugs - words spoken by others.  In this day and age we need to thank God for those around us.  In humility we need to thank - praise Him for this awesome gift.  Together - in God's name - as brothers - sisters - we can not only survive but excel in all we try.  

Deacon Dale 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

If At First.....

We all know the saying - "If at first you don't...... fill in the blank here depending on your specific circumstances.." - often may lead to frustration - disappointment - depression - anxiety.  I am fairly safe in stating that all of us can say - been there - done that.  And so it was with our yearly arrival in Arizona where we go to escape the cold Midwest winters.  Settled in after a quick flight - inspecting our accommodations - checking that everything was in good working condition - anticipating a peaceful frustration free time in the warm sunny desert.  That lasted exactly four days - day five had other plans for us - in particular for me.  Half way through a morning bike ride a weird sensation that told me time to visit a doctor - immediately.  The result - eight hours in the emergency room doing various tests - being admitted - spending three nights in the hospital - going home with a stent in a coronary artery. Through-out the entire time and procedure - no pain - simply a weird feeling that something was not right.  Back home - out riding again - weird feeling gone.  

Flowers On A Desert Cactus 

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as - normal.  Normal is a state that many spend way too much time trying to achieve.  The perception of what is normal for one - often night and day to another.  I think what we have is routine - customized by our personal preferences and life experiences. In simple words - my normal is not your normal - nor should it be.  When God created the world and all that is in it - He looked around and was pleased at what He saw. He saw you and me.  He saw that we were different variations of humankind. Creatures that can think - speak - reason - function in similar but different ways.  For all of  us - God speaks in various - different ways - though audible sounds - through sights - smells - touch.  No one of us is identical - even in the case of identical twins - differences exist.  Unless you live in the Sonoran desert you would never expect to see a multitude of beautiful flowers on a cactus which also grows long sharp needles.  In many lives those flowers belong on plants with soft flowery stems surround by grasses - not sand and gravel.  In my personal experience God was with me as much in that hospital as He was during that eventful bike ride - just as He is this afternoon as I sit writing this blog.  For all of us - He is always at our side - leading us - calling us - to come closer to Him and His Son.  When life feels weird to you - stop - pause - reflect - to many that is their normal.

Deacon Dale