Friday, July 24, 2015


Vacations - time off from work - getting away for the summer - traveling to fun destinations. Everyone looks forward to a change in the daily routine - sleeping late - visiting family and friends - relaxing - not working. All too many people do not know how to relax - take their work home - carry their work on vacation. The whole idea of a vacation is to get away - from everything - to allow yourself time for - yourself. Americans work too much - too long - little time for the things that really matter. Those who take work home with themselves - miss the point. The body - the mind - needs time away - away from everything that burdens them. The best vacation - time away from the daily obligations - to focus on yourself - your family - your life.

Even in His life - Jesus - had to get away - away from stress - away from concerns - away from the crowds. Just like us He needed time by Himself - to find Himself - His purpose - to focus on His goals. Jesus calls each of us to a place away from the daily commotion - away from the World and its issues - to a place alone with Him. In Jesus alone - will you find rest.

Deacon Dale