Thursday, August 2, 2018

If It's Not Broke - Why Fix It?

We all know the saying - if it is not broke - why fix it?  The issue here is that with many things in life - too often - people have no idea that something is broke.  Too often we hear the title of this post - why bother - nobody is complaining.  The issue here is that many are complaining - on deaf ears.  Those in control too happy - too comfortable with the status quo.  Even when those in control recognize that something is wrong - unwilling to invest the time and energy to fix the issue.  Those who try - too often run into constant roadblocks - usually those who either are clueless or too tired to care. When trying to implement change - almost always a struggle - confronting challenges along the way.  For the few who work at change - who accept the struggle - stay the course - eventual success will finally happen.  The church is not immune to this issue - across denominational lines - different beliefs - all share in a spiritual lethargy - loss of  parishioners - members - who really understand what their faith is about - who have committed  themselves one-hundred percent to the daily practice of their faith.  It is not unusual - when talking with people -to hear - that is my parent's faith - not mine.  Sadly too many young adults who were baptized into the Christian faith - Catholic or Protestant - are noticeably absent from the weekend liturgies - services. One no longer has to worry about not finding a space in the pews - what was once precious real estate - now freely available - as attendance dwindles.  As society evolves and changes - so must the churches.  Young adults - those who are the absent ones - have new ideas of church - what it should be - what they need to hear.  Luckily at our parish - this trend has been acknowledged - action has been taken to adjust - modify - to make comfortable what was previously perceived as uncomfortable. We are still Roman Catholic - we follow the liturgical rubrics prescribed by the Bishops.  The difference - primarily - making it a point to talk with the shy - lonely - unchurched - to deliver homilies that not only teach but inspire - to help all understand that church matters and is relevant to life.  

When God sent His Only Son - Jesus - He did not want it to be a one time experience.  He laid the plans for the life of the world - for all times.  When Jesus ascended - He sent us His Holy Spirit - to remain with us forever - to help us - guide us -inspire us - to become one-hundred percent committed to loving - serving - worshiping Him - by the way we live our lives - how we help each other - the actions we take.  Weekly attendance at church - one of the primary ways we observe God's commandments - being open and honest - freely sharing our faith with others - inviting them into the community of believers where miracles can and do happen.  Developing a personal relationship with Jesus - God - to live a faith filled life - the goal.

Deacon Dale