Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have A Large Day

Many years ago I worked for an employer who would say thank you to his customers as they finalized their transaction and then as they would turn to leave he would tell them to "have a large day".  It sounded a bit funny as most people would have said have a good day.  But this fellow never wished anyone a good day - always a large day.  In thinking about it now, I realize that he was not only wishing them a day of goodness but also a day filled with as much as they could put into it.

How many of us have good days but not large ones?  Maybe most of what we do - our work - our play - is good; but, do we fill our day to the fullness that we could?  Are there times that we do nothing when we could have done something?  Maybe make that phone call to the friend you promised to call, but never do.  Maybe start that special project you have had on your mind for ages, but seem to never have the time to start.  Maybe take the time to sit and relax in between appointments, just to smell the roses.  Maybe take a few minutes here and there to talk to God, to thank Him and give Him the praise that is due Him.

Most of us have very busy days and full days - but do we have large days?

Have a Large Day
Deacon Dale