Friday, June 24, 2022

Just Because I Can

In life we have a lot of opportunities to make good - bad - decisions.  As intelligent - informed people of faith - we have been provided a ton of information to assist us when making any and all decisions.  Even in the face of controversy - misguided public opinion - we do not have to - go with the flow.  On the contrary - particularly as Christians - we are called to go against the flow of popular beliefs.  We - ourselves - may not win any popularity contests - but doing what is right - correct - just - does not make you an enemy - simply a person of conviction - standards.

Jesus was often misunderstood - even when He was attempting to bring goodness into the lives of others - many did not understand what He was attempting.  As Christians - Christ followers - His disciples - we are asked to stand strong in our knowledge and faith.  There are no options when facing wrong - uninformed ideas - concepts.  Standing firm in our beliefs - even when unpopular - is possible through the grace of God.  Nothing more - nothing less.  Just because I can do anything - does not mean I should.  Period

Deacon Dale