Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Year of Mercy

As we complete this first week of the 2016 New Year - the Holy Year of Mercy - we ask ourselves - what is different - what is suppose to be different - what do we want to be different. Each of us would have many and various answers - finances - health - relationships - serious - frivolous - too many to count - too many to contemplate. A New Year - for each individual - filled with thousands of variables. Every one of us - down to the last man - woman - could write volumes of changes they would like in their own life. 
New Years resolutions - quickly proclaimed - too often forgotten - minutes after declared - carry little use. For most people - something no longer contemplated. Most are numb - locked into a time - place - that precludes any thought of improvement.  The status quo - nothing more - nothing less. 

A Year of Mercy - offers - hope - a chance to break the bonds - to move beyond the status quo. In this New Year - Pope Francis - has given the world a gift of New Life - filled with the awesome Mercy of God Almighty. No one knows the mind - the heart - of God - Jesus. In this new year we offer our prayer - Jesus - I trust in You - in Your Divine Mercy. Trusting in God Almighty - in Jesus our Saviour - the Holy Spirit - is a great place to start.

Happy Divine New Year of Mercy
Deacon Dale