Friday, June 29, 2018

Back To The Future

Recently I have had a few questions about our experience on the Camino.  I usually give people the URL for this blog - but it automatically takes them to the most recent - not the original first post.  To that end I am providing the link that should take readers back to our first post -

Buen Camino 

Sunday, June 24, 2018


You know the saying - engage brain before speaking - warning that one has to stop - think a moment - before saying something - inappropriate - ignorant - making one look and appear ignorant.  The same goes before committing to any action - failing to plan - planing to fail - doing something without considering the affect on others - self.  I just did that - guilty as charged - now regretting my stupidity. In an effort to be quick - smart - cute - did not think out my action completely before committing the act - hurting the one I love most - with an action that should have been thought out first.  Reconsidering what I did - yes - not my best moment - hurting the one I love most. Hopefully - in time - forgiven.

Many of us - guilty as charged - not taking the time to clearly think through our actions or words.  When done innocently - a forgivable action - done intentionally - not as easy to forgive or be forgiven.  Fortunately - even those done intentionally - cam be forgiven by God if we honestly confess and ask for His forgiveness.  A repentant heart and mind - all that is required to wipe the slate clean.  With God all things are possible - even forgiving us bad actions done intentionally.  Forgiveness as close as God. 

Deacon Dale