Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NEW! 2017 Fatima - Lourdes Pilgrimage

Fatima - Lourdes - Burgos - Barcelona

November 5 - 14, 2017

Now Registering Participants

$2999* From New York/Philadelphia
$3099* From Chicago, Phoenix,
San Diego

$200 Early Registration Discount
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*All Inclusive Except for Lunches & One Dinner, Trip Insurance, Tips To Tour Host & Bus Driver

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Decisions 2016

I have to admit that I hate politics and in that sense - many politicians. These men and women - voted into office by you and me - fail all of us - on an almost daily basis. People who promised us one thing - to get  elected - became opponents - to the very issues we believed in.  When does truth - become anything - but the truth. Politician - after politician - have compromised their beliefs - in an effort to stay in office - even when doing so - means they become that - which they campaigned against.

Today it is almost impossible to find an honest politician - actions justified by - "that is the way of the World" - the way things get done. Sad - very sad. Tomorrow - millions of Americans - go to the polls to place their sacred vote - their God given right - to select the candidate - who will work to guarantee them - a full and rewarding life.  Unfortunately - the majority will fail - guaranteeing only - the good life - for themselves - casting their supporters to the side.  

All the issues come down to one thing - one thing alone. Not their past - not their hollow promises - not how much money they have - not who they party with - who they are married to - what they look like.  The one issue that all of us should be looking at - who will support life. Who will guarantee - that all lives matter - Black lives - White lives - Brown lives - Yellow lives - Old lives - Young lives - lives of those not yet born. Only those who support life - from the cradle to the grave - who will support - education - healthcare - job opportunities - equality for all - no matter what race - gender - creed - culture - only those candidates
deserve our vote. None other - period.

Jesus died on the Cross - for all of us - no matter our color - gender - nationality - language - creed. He died for all - believers - non-believers - for all - that we might have life - and live it to the fullest. Fulfill your life - protect the life of others - vote today 

Deacon Dale