Tuesday, August 11, 2020

In His Time

When we consider God and what He has in store for each of us - we must remember - In His Time.  This has been a very rough year for everyone,  Even the elite - cannot be guaranteed that they will not be touched by the pandemic that we are experiencing.  It has been two months since my last post.  In that time away from blogging - I have been occupied with - little things.  Mowing the lawn - doing minor repairs - completing small projects that had been set aside for a better time - filling the empty hours - with stuff.  Free time can be a gift - or an enemy - depending on how one uses it.  On the plus side we were able to freshen up our outdoor deck - making it comfortable for ourselves and visitors - the people we normally socialize with and entertain.  That will not happen this year.  So many events cancelled - family reunions - the annual chili cook off - family gatherings - bocce games - all on hold for some future date.  In the midst of all this - time to sit on the deck - to reflect - pray - talk to God.  

Luckily for us - we have been blessed by God with a peaceful view from our deck.  Nice landscaping - a field of corn standing tall reaching upwards to heaven.  Each tassel gently waving in the wind - as if God's angels were saying hello - our flag waving in that breeze - reminding us of the promises to each of us that on this planet we have the right to live and worship as we choose with promises of equality for all - a promise still not quite a reality - one day soon we pray.  We realize that there are those who may not enjoy those promises yet - but through prayer and actively helping those that we can - it will become a truth - not just a dream.  With God - all things are possible - in His Time

Deacon Dale