Monday, October 22, 2018

Israel Bound

Great News - Our pilgrim group departs for Israel in just a few more days.  We have a few long flights to endure - but in the end it is definitely worth it.  We will be posting some photos and comments as we travel throughout Israel - but I will do a detailed report on our return.

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Deacon Dale 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Who Is The "I" of God?

Who is the "I" of God? - You - Me - Him - Her - Everyone!  Each of us is the twinkle in God's Eye. There is no one more special that you - me - all of us. As a group - as an individual - we are the special children of God. When He created the World - He knew we would exist - in His World. Everything that He created - He created for Us. It is because of His Love - that we came to be. We are all special - all very different - we speak different languages - worship in different communities - in different styles - In Churches - Temples - Mosques - all the same - all different. We have different theologies - understand God in different and various ways - yet He is the One God.  Sad to say - unfortunate for us - our differences which color us as individuals - communities - should move us away from each other - instead of drawing us closer - to celebrate all those God given differences.  The World today is a different World from even ten years ago - in that time we have come to understand that our different genders - skin color - language - theology - intellect - are what should bind us together - as the One Family of God - yet - we hang onto old teachings - thoughts that have long outlived their usefulness.

Jesus - Moses - Mohammed - all Men of God - all trying to open our eyes - to help us understand our relationship to God. Let those who have ears - hear - those who have eyes - see - those who have hearts - feel - the presence of God - in all of us.  Together - we are the "I" of God.

Deacon Dale