Saturday, November 30, 2013

Poland Pilgrimage

Yes - we are taking a group of pilgrims to Poland in 2014 and you can be one of them! This is a completely customized trip planned by Deacon Jerry and myself that will take us to Poland - starting in Warsaw and ending in Krakow. During this 10 day pilgrimage we will visit many cultural and religious sites. In Warsaw we will visit Holy Cross Church where Chopin's heart is entombed in one of the pillars and visit the Royal Palace. From Warsaw we head to Lichen Stary and on the way we visit the church of Father Maximilian Kolbe. In Lichen Stary we visit the Basilica there which is one of the largest in the world. We then head to Czestochowa - the site of the Black Madonna. Continuing on we arrive at Krakow - where we will stay for the balance of the trip. From Krakow we will visit Wawel Castle and Cathedral - St Mary Basilica - the Basilica of Divine Mercy - Wadowice - the birth home of Blessed John Paul II - Zakopane - the convent of Saint Faustina - Rynek Glowny - Auschwitz - the Salt Mines and more.

Divine Mercy Basilica

We have arranged for three gateways for this trip - leaving from Chicago - LAX - San Diego. The price of the trip includes everything except for optional trip insurance and optional tips for the tour host and bus driver. All meals are included except lunches and dinner one night - when the group will be allowed to wander on their own in the Krakow Market Square. This promises to be a special trip for those who participate. We are limited to a maximum of 45 people total. A deposit of only $300 holds your space. The price from Chicago is $3338* - LAX is $3738* - San Diego is $3788*

Saint Faustina's Convent

We are taking reservations now on a first come basis. Registration is done online and the deposit of $300 may be by credit card or check. Those paying by check receive a 4 percent cash discount which is reflected in the prices quoted above.  Those using credit cards to pay the balance will be assessed a 4 percent surcharge. 


July 25, 2014 to August 3, 2014
The complete itinerary can be found here:  ITINERARY

  For registration - the host name is DeaconTravel Ministries  host # 54347

To register online click here:  REGISTER

If you have any questions in regards to this trip please post your question here in comments so others may also see or for private questions send an email to:

Deacon Jerry and I - along with our wives - made this pilgrimage in May of 2012 as a self directed retreat. We visited every church and cathedral that we could find while we were there and the ones we will visit on this pilgrimage are the most significant ones. This will be a cultural as well as a prayerful journey especially for those with special devotion to Blessed John Paul II and Saint Faustina.

Deacon Dale 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks - Dzięki - Grazie - Gracias - Merci

Thanks - in any language - English - Polish - Italian - Spanish - French - is a one word statement spoken out of gratitude for anything. Depending on how it is expressed - quickly with no thought - sincerely with emphasis - reveals to the listener the level of appreciation. Many times thanks is expressed in such a quick and casual manner - the listener wonders why they bothered in the first place. Thanks expressed with a smile and joy in the voice conveys a completely positive expression of thankfulness.  We thank others for numerous things - gifts - kind words - help with tasks - expressions of caring. Thanksgiving in America is a day set aside to gather with family and friends to share the day thanking many for the blessings received in the previous year. It is not only an American holiday - variations of thanksgiving are celebrated in Canada - Liberia- The Netherlands - Norfolk Island - Grenada - Germany - Japan. Each country adds their own specific expressions of thanks. It is fitting that a period of thanksgiving be offered - if not nationally - by everyone. Each of us receives blessings - from others - from God.

God blesses each of us - directly - indirectly - through Divine intervention - through those who live with and surround us. This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for the multitude of blessings my wife and I received while walking The El Camino de Santiago in Spain - for the blessings received from my diaconate community - from my Bishop - Pastor - Associate - from the many priests and people I encountered on the pilgrimage to Italy - for daily life and the support of children and grandchildren - neighbors and friends - from complete strangers - who helped direct my life - to stay on the path - to go in the right direction. To each of you - thanks - dzięki - grazie - gracias - merci - may God Almighty bless your Thanksgiving.

Deacon Dale

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    Who Wears The Crown?

    Wearing a crown indicates that someone is more important than others around them - it does not indicate that they are better - smarter - kinder - more loving. The crown is a symbol of power and authority. In the history of mankind - the people who have worn crowns have exhibited quite different characteristics - not always good - often very evil - self serving - kings - queens - princes - princesses - monarchs of all styles have occupied the pages of history books. Many were kind and just - ruling and governing their subjects with honest care and concern for all under their authority - others - unfortunately - quite the opposite - greedy - small minded people - only interested in their own selfish desires - caring nothing for those around them - including their closest confidants. In some places - even today - this continues to be an issue for people to cope with. The majority of us do not have to contend with royalty - only those who think they - as presidents - prime ministers - elected officials - are more important than the people they govern. 

    Jesus wore a crown - not made of silver or gold - but woven out of thorns - placed on His head to ridicule Him - to mock Him - to hurt Him. Although painful - He wore that crown - not for Himself - rather - for you and me. He accepted His fate - His trials - His crucifixion - because we couldn't - we wouldn't  As the liturgical year of the Church comes to an end - as we prepare to begin the season of Advent - it is only proper and fitting that Holy Mother Church has us celebrate the ending of the liturgical year with the celebration of Our Lord Jesus Christ - King of the Universe - the only person to rightly wear a crown of any type. Jesus is your king and mine - he rules His subjects justly and right - He offers to each of us the true treasures of a world beyond reach - He offers us the keys to salvation.

    Deacon Dale 

    Monday, November 11, 2013

    When In Rome

    Well - we are in Rome - visiting the Shrines of Italy - traveling throughout Italy - Assisi - Loreto - Luciano  - San Giovanni Rotondo - Mont Sant'Angelo - Cava de Trinita - Montecassino - Pompei - The Vatican. Ten days to see a thousand years of history - ten days to experience the spirituality of the ancients - the saints and heros - the people of the Bible - the people of hundreds of books - the forefathers of our faith. It is mind boggling - so much to see - so much to absorb - in so little time. Each one of us - walking as modern day pilgrims - pellegrini - seeking a deeper knowledge of our own faith. Impossible - yet we are here attempting the impossible - each on our own level.

                                  47 Pellegrini Seeking Deeper Understanding

    Just as God has called us from darkness into light - He has called each of us to this place - to this time - to experience His presence in these buildings and in those who journey with us. It does not matter if we walk with God in Italy or elsewhere - as long as we walk with Him constantly - as long as we are willing participants in all He has to offer.

    Deacon Dale