Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Fatima Burgos Montserrat Lourdes Barcelona Pilgrimage

Happy September! Yes it has been a bit since I last posted; however, I am not down - nor - out. I have been busy - not posting on this blog - rather taking care of ordinary family issues which take precedence over this blog.  Obviously - as with most - family comes first. I will not bore  you with the details - many of you very likely are coping with the same issues.  In spite of my absence from this blog - I have been busy arranging our pilgrimage for 2023.  As noted in the title - we will be visiting Portugal - Spain - France.  On this pilgrimage we will visit Fatima - Burgos - Montserrat - Lourdes and Barcelona.  Primarily a Marion focused pilgrimage - we will visit other sites of cultural and educational interest. All arrangements have been made - travel partner locked in - hotels - airfare - tour bus - travel options - all in place.  Registrations have been coming in and it appears that this will be an interesting - spiritual - fun group to lead.

To view the itinerary click this link:  Itinerary

We have arranged to have our own priest travel with us - daily Mass will be available.  Our priest is Father Antony Maria Minardi OSB - a monk from Marmion Abbey.  Father Antony is young - energetic - very spiritual.  He is a great addition to our team.  

For a quick highlight into the pilgrimage view this short video:  Fatima Lourdes Video

As of this date the bus is one-third full - there is still plenty of time to join us.  There is an early registration discount that is good until February 2023 - but do not wait too long. Once the bus
is full we will not be able to accept additional passengers. 

If you have question and need to contact me - please email DeaconTravel

Deacon Dale