Friday, January 30, 2015

Hard Dig

When we bought our snowbird home in Arizona we decided that it was partially for ourselves as a winter retreat - secondly as an investment home to be rented out in our absence.  We were unable to find exactly what we wanted - bought our house based on the potential to fix up - add amenities.  The inside was fairly complete - minor touch up here and there - the outside - another story.  As back yards go - not a pretty site - plain - ignored over the years.  In Illinois we have a home designed for family - friends - entertaining. In Arizona we wanted to create that same feeling - warm - welcoming - entertaining.  The plan - add a swimming pool - bocce court - place to grill outdoors - plenty of seating.The most complicated project - the swimming pool. In the mid-west not very difficult - in the Sierra Estrella Mountains - a challenge.  It was not a complete surprise to us that our house is built on a mountain - under a cover of twelve inches of decomposed granite - solid rock.  The original excavation halted after 30 minutes - delayed a few days to get bids on digging through solid rock.  After it was finally done - about eight hours of hammering with a hydraulic breaker attachment on the excavator and fragments removed - a free formed curving hole in solid rock. 

Solid Rock Pool Base

When Jesus was selecting his followers He told Peter that he was a rock and that upon him - He would built His church.  Peter - meaning well - not clearly seeing God's plan - put his foot in his mouth more than once during his time with Jesus.  Some may laugh at his follies - but many ministers - most of us - have done likewise.  In spite of our limited vision - God works miracles around us every day.  People we turn away from - embraced by God- groups not deemed worthy by many - worthy in God's eyes.  In time - reflecting on life's misadventures - most of us learn - are informed - educated - in God's way. We stop judging - comparing - criticizing - we look with the eyes of Jesus - we hear with His ears - we love with His heart.  Accepting all - as brothers - sisters - children of God - we become true disciples - continuing His work on Earth.

Deacon Dale  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Security is big business - ask anyone - car alarms - house alarms - personal protection - it is everywhere. As a country - Americans - obsessed with security - safety - worry about daily encounters.  Television is filled with police shows - Criminal Minds - Rookie Blue - this or that PD - constantly sharing danger - constantly spreading fear - real - imaginary.  Some - so paralyzed - they fear their own homes - pets - lives. We are not secure - there is no real safety - if they want you - they will get you.

Nothing is one-hundred percent perfect - secure.  The only security any of us have is in God. In God alone - our souls at rest - at peace - secure in His promise - secure in the knowledge - that He - the King of Kings - Lord of Lords - our constant companion - constant guard - stands in the doorway - offering - security.  Choose Jesus - choose life - be secure.

Deacon Dale 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

House On A Rock

Almost everyone has heard the scripture about the wisdom of building a house on a rock as compared to a sandy piece of land.  While that is great for encouraging people to have a sound foundation for their life - it does not go well for those who literally live in a house on a rock where they wish to install an in-ground swimming pool.  Unlike normal soil - rock is very hard to dig through. What would normally be a one or two day process becomes a task of four days to a week. That is what I am told as we are one of the lucky ones to face  this dilemma.  One of the reasons we bought  this particular home was the large yard and space to add a swimming pool.  What we thought would be a straight forward project - now a rather rocky issue.  We have a solution - an estimate to chip and remove a lot of granite - a plan - more expense.

Quite often God calls us to a place in our lives where we expect easy sailing - a walk in the park - cruise through - only to discover a rock in the road - an obstruction - a road block. Just as God helps us through our daily difficulties - even more so He helps with our spiritual challenges.  Rather than worry about the delay - the extra investment - constantly we are reminded - with God - all things are possible.

Deacon Dale 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shrines of Italy

Looking to get away from the cold weather - dreaming of an Italian holiday in the sun


We are recruiting people to join us on  an 11-day Italian pilgrimage Nov. 3-13, 2015 starting in Rome - heading to Assisi - optional trip to Florence - Loreto on the Adriatic Sea - Montecassino - Pompeii - Salerno - back to Rome - a Papal Audience - visiting cultural and spiritual sites of Saint Francis - Saint Padre Pio - Saint Benedict - the Grotto of Michael the Archangel - Saint John Paul II - Pope Francis - many more. 

Travel in comfort with fellow parishioners and friends - enjoy Italian cusine and drink - spend free time wandering in Assisi and Rome - connect with your inner spirit - connect with God - the history of the Church.

We have two departure gateways - Chicago O'Hare - Phoenix Sky Harbor
$250 Reserves your spot on this trip

All Inclusive* -  $3399* from Chicago   -   $3599* from Phoenix 

Saint Padre Pio

Make 2015 the year you commit yourself to spiritual growth

To register for this trip -  print and complete the following forms

For additional information call Deacon Dale 630.334.5065

Deacon Dale 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunny In Arizona

Having endured too many harsh winters in the midwest - we left Illinois shortly after celebrating Christmas with family - to head to Arizona - the land of sun and heat.  We were shocked - driving a southern route through Texas - encountering a snow storm.  Being advised to avoid Flagstaff - an anticipated major snow storm there - we headed south - through New Mexico - entering Arizona on clear but wet roads. The land of sun and heat - not so sunny as we first entered. The sun did appear the next morning - remaining with us daily since. 

If you want to make God laugh - tell Him your plans - then see what really happens. The best laid plans of men - often not as anticipated - different - not necessarily worse - just different.  No matter how much we plan - schedule - research - investigate - the ultimate outcome - not always in our control.  Acceptance - understanding - willing to change - bring peace - contentment. As we wait to see what 2015 has in store for us - as we anticipate - we wait with pregnant faith - trusting - in all situations - God is in control.

Deacon Dale