Sunday, October 20, 2019

Seeking Faith

It is not surprising when so many people seem to have so much - money - friends - technology - that many feel that they have a large void in their life that needs filling.  Most try to fill that void with the obvious - sports - hiding at work - out side interests - drugs - none filling that void they way they hope.  Finding it difficult to fill that void some turn to things that will only lead to further disappointment.  A few turn their sight heavenward - seeking God in an attempt to see if He can fill that void. 

Many people have found that what they thought was so difficult a task was in reality an easy one.  God is always there - waiting - sending His Holy Spirit upon all.  Not everyone will respond - to those who do - untold peace - joy -  a void perfectly filled.  Seeking faith - not always easy - once done - always rewarding.

Deacon Dale 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Clean Mind Clean Body - Take Your Pick?

Many years ago there was a joke going around - "clean mind - clean body - take your pick" - the implication that either your thoughts - speech  could be nice and your body would be vile - nasty or just the opposite.  The reality - you can have both - it is not an either - or - option.  In today's scripture the focus seems to be almost completely on a clean body - that is being cleansed from leprosy - either by bathing in water or through the words of Jesus.  Leprosy was a disease without a cure in the time of Jesus - a disease which could be easily passed from one person to another - thus the need to separate those afflicted with the disease from the remaining community.  It was feared so much that an infected person - when out walking - had to shout "unclean unclean" to warn anyone nearby to pass on the other side - to avoid contamination. Although disease ridden - one could still be a very faithful person - unfortunately cursed by separation from others.  That meant no contact with family - friends - anyone - condemned to isolation from loved ones - unable to earn a living - dependent on the generosity of others.

Today people in the same situation no longer condemned to isolation. Now with better healthcare and information - the need to be isolated no longer necessary.  Today the issue is not coping with a skin - body issue - rather the mistaken idea that one has to be clean - physically - morally - spiritually - before God will welcome you into His home.  The truth is that God - Jesus welcomes you - just as you are - just where you are.  You do not have to wash your face - clean your mind - or anything.  All one needs is to be open and approach Jesus with an expectant heart.  Clean - dirty - Jesus stands there - arms outstretched - waiting for you to come to Him.  Once you ask Jesus into your heart - you will be changed - your life will change - anything that needs improving will get better.  Clean mind - clean body - you will have both.  Jesus stands waiting...

Deacon Dale 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Flame Throwers

A flamethrower is a mechanical incendiary device designed to project a long, controllable stream of fire. First deployed by the Greeks in the 1st century AD, flamethrowers saw use in modern times during World War I, and more widely in World War II.  Those who use flamethrowers are also sometimes referred to as flamethrowers.  Normally a flamethrower is used as a weapon - to either consume a target by aiming the stream of flammable propellant at an object or person - other times used as a defensive weapon to start a controlled fire of flammable objects such as buildings as in warfare - other times when fighting large fires in open areas - to burn a defense line to contain an otherwise out of control forest or brush fire.  Flamethrowers may be considered evil or good depending on their use.  

In today's Scriptures we were told "I remind you, to stir into flame the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands" - to freely share the fire of faith that one receives when they were prayed over and were baptized in the Holy Spirit. A reminder to all of the baptized that your baptism was not a gift from God for only your personal use - rather a gift to be freely shared amongst the people at large.  Jesus urges each of us to become flamethrowers of His Holy Spirit - to use the power of God living inside of each of us - to spread His message of love - forgiveness - acceptance - healing.  Each is called to become a flamethrower.

Deacon Dale