Sunday, July 15, 2018

City City Bang Bang

City City Bang Bang is my version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang  a 1968 British musical fantasy adventure film. Last week my wife and I took a  road trip to the Denver, Colorado area to participate in the wedding of a young lady we have known from birth.  The adventure during the trip - in many different cities - provided by the various states we drove through and their departments of transportation - easily translated as - road construction.  The best diversion provided by the State of Illinois and the 113 mile construction zone on I-88 which restricted travel to 45mph.  An inconvenience to be sure - thankfully nothing more than extended travel time.  With that thought it brings to mind many who have various types of road blocks that appear in their lives as they attempt to negotiate their way from one issue to another.  For some the journey through life is a veritable breeze - never experiencing any problems or issues with which to cope - others - just the opposite.  We all know people like that - one problem after another - issue upon issue - forcing them to take their attention away from living to constantly coping - coping with illness - money issues - relation problems - job concerns.  

Many blame God for the problems in their lives - refusing to accept the fact that often things just have a way of happening - unfortunately - more to some than others.  It is in those times of problems - distractions - that we should turn towards God - not away from Him. God does not play games with our lives - although He does not micro manage - rather allows things to happen and watches how we cope.  He is always there - waiting to help - if we ask for it.  When faced with the various issues of life - God is only a prayer away - ready to step in when invited.  The next time you are facing any issue - rather than complaining - turn to God in prayer - He is waiting to hear from you.

Deacon Dale