Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap according to wikipedia - is a product made of a polymer plastic film that has many uses in industry.  The most common form of shrink wrap that most of us would encounter is that used in the food industry - to protect and preserve food items.  It is flexible and durable and conforms to almost any shape you desire. Depending on the thickness - it can be easily pierced or pierced only by sharp instruments. One of its best characteristics - is that it is transparent which makes it desirable for the food industry. Numerous food items are safely displayed - and on open display for all to see and touch.
Not everything in life is transparent or easy to see through. People are not transparent - many hide their real selves behind masks or identities that defy detection.  Many prowl about among the population looking for easy "marks" - those gullible enough to fall for scams and schemes that quickly separate them from their money and valuables.  Luckily for us - most people are honest - and transparent - in who they are - what they do.  Jesus was that way - what He said -He meant - what He did - was real - what He proposed - was life. There was no masking Him or His intentions.  He was open and honest - completely transparent - in all His actions.  He said that He came that we might have life - He meant it.  He said He forgave sinners - He did.  He promised to be with us always - He is. Jesus is not shrink wrapped - He is approachable and touchable - He waits for you - for your touch - your embrace - to experience for yourself - His divine presence.

Deacon Dale 


  1. This is the most spiritual analogy of shrink wrap I have ever read, good job.

    We'd never really thought about the similarities between people and shrink wrapping.

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