Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Forty years ago we welcomed our first born son into our family - it was a very special day for us - first time parents - first time fears - first time joys. In what feels like only a few years - our son has grown into a fine young man - educated - well liked - honest - straight forward - a pleasure to be with.  With time - many changes have taken place in our lives and in his - learning - growing - understanding - coping with issues - rising above disappointments - succeeding. As parents we are very pleased with our son - and he pleased with our growth as well. We are friends - as well as parents - not always the case in some families. We are separated by miles - but connected by our mutual love for each other. Our relationship best described as steadfast.
When God sent His Son to us - he knew that there would be times of trials - times of separation between His people and His Son. In time His people grew to understand just who Jesus is. As in any family - the love steadfast - pure - true.  For all people - for all ages - Jesus is the best birthday present you will ever receive.

Deacon Dale