Monday, May 9, 2016

When It Rains...

You know the saying - when it rains - it pours - not necessarily anything to do with water. This phrase is a common expression - used by many - expressing frustration - anxiety - about events which are happening at a pace - faster than one would desire. It could be a series of unfortunate or sad - happy or pleasing events - the issue that the rate of events leaves one barely enough time to breathe - to recover from something bad - to enjoy the goodness - in something pleasing. Now that we are into the month of May we will be over active with First Communions - Confirmations - Graduations - Weddings - just for starters. Add into that mix any other special activities that you are involved with and you too will be singing - Dancing in the Rain. May is also the month in Spain when activity on the Camino de Santiago starts to get very crowded - especially in this Holy Year of Mercy. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims will walk all or part of the 500 mile pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain. Many people think this is a - walk in the park - a very long park of 500 miles - in reality much more difficult than most would realize. Today I will post a photo from an acquaintance currently walking the Camino de Santiago. If you look closely at the photo - what appears to be a waterfall in the background is actually part of the trail she is walking. This is the Camino - one hill after another - one mountain range after another - when it rains....

When God moves in our lives and asks us to do anything - helping out at church - teaching a religion class - re-potting plants for spring planting - walking a pilgrimage - helping a neighbor - it often seems like too much -  too soon. Quite often we beg God - wait - let us catch our breath - you are asking too much - too soon. The beauty of God's plan for our lives is that He will give us the strength - the energy - the time to accomplish whatever it is we are suppose to do - when we run out of the resources listed above - He gives us more - strength - energy - time - to finish the task. Daily God rains down His blessings - love - upon each one of us - daily - He calls us to walk with Him - in the rain.

Deacon Dale 

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