Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Royalty - in the most popular sense - when referring to people - indicates those born of Royal blood - The Queen of England - those who control an entire country. There are Kings and Queens - Princes and Princesses - Dukes and Duchesses - Barons and Baronesses - all held in high esteem above the ordinary people - the commoners. Not all royalty in reality from Royal blood. In Germany it is common for different groups to select a Queen - a young woman - to be their spokesperson - representative for their specific region or product. There is a Queen of the Blossom - Queen of the Lakeland - Queen of the Horseradish - Queen of the Bavarian Veal Sausage. Typically they are photographed in the county they represent - next to the product they promote - always alone - no pomp - plain stark reality - simple beauty. Celebrating the beautiful - simple things of life.
God created us all to be equal. In His eyes we are all Royal - all worthy of special attention - His Son Jesus - the only One to wear the crown. When we were baptized - we were baptized into the Body of Christ - to share in His ministry. Our obligation - as baptized Christians - to promote the Gospel of Jesus - to minister to the poor- to strengthen the weak - to bring comfort to the sick and dying. We are royal - in the sense that we have an obligation imposed not by Earthly powers - rather from heaven. We are called - each of us - to be servants to all - our crown - the sweat on our brow - our scepter - the dirt on our hands - our robes - the garments with which we clothe the naked. Today - our royal duty - to serve God with our entire heart - soul - mind. 

Deacon Dale