Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Going For Gold

The world is currently focused on the Winter Olympic Games - the teams - the individuals - the Gold - Silver - Bronze - winners. Leaders have lost - newcomers have surpassed expectations - the world - watching - celebrating the successes. Some might criticize the attention and money invested in a series of games between nations - they miss the point that in these games - the world comes to the same table to share their training - their hopes - their aspirations. This is an opportunity in which the world - speaking the common language of sports - work together to show all of us how very similar we all are. This is the peoples of the world - people of different languages - different cultures - different beliefs - playing well together.
God calls each of us to the same table - He brings us with different gifts - different talents - to share in the one ministry of acceptance of each other - not judging - not criticizing - building up - reaffirming - encouraging us to be the best we can be - to go for the Gold - to grab the hope that He has for all people. 

Deacon Dale