Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Not All Fun and Games

Being human means that most of us judge others - it is human nature - to critique - to evaluate - to assess - the good - the bad - the ugly - the wealth - the poverty - how success was attained - lost.  As often as we promise not to judge others - we fail - many - on a daily basis. Quite often we see those whom we judge - have it easier than ourselves - not as easy as we think.  Many times we fail to see the reality of others struggles - excessive hours  invested in projects - personal cost involved - loss of free time - time with family - just to succeed. Unknown to us - to most - it is never as easy as appears. The personal cost - more than most would be willing to invest.  

For a similar reason - many judge wrongly that those who feel solid in their faith - have it made.  A committed Christian - Muslim - Jew - Hindu - Buddhist - Atheist - all judged - wrongly.  Just because you find comfort in your faith - does not mean you will not have issues - that you have no conflicts - things that trouble.  Everyone has something or another that takes - time - energy - effort - with which to cope. In a perfect world - this would not happen - but in this world - perfection - does not exist. There is only one place where everything is perfect  - that place is not here - only in God's world. In His world - there is no judging - no need to judge - all are equal - all are happy - all is fun and games and peace.

Deacon Dale