Monday, October 5, 2015


If you are like me - you like order - tidy - everything in its place - order. I find it difficult to achieve that - especially on my desk - in real life. Today I have to lead two funerals - two persons - related - died in the same auto accident. An error in judgement - a distraction - nobody knows for sure - except for two who died. Leave it to say - it is a mess. If we think about it - life is always a mess - order - disorder - plans made - plans broken - life changed. What we thought was under control - out of control - in seconds - life changes. As Christians we participate in Rites of Passage - rituals that move us from one reality - to another. When we were born - a Rite of Passage - moving from an intimate relationship with God - to life on Earth - birthing - messy - sloppy - in His time - not ours. Life - as we know it - always messy - sloppy - constantly changing - constantly challenging. At the end of our life - another Rite of Passage - dying - always inconvenient - unplanned - mostly messy - not on our calendar - only in His time - returning back to an intimate relationship with God. Wealth - poverty - cannot - will not - alter these Rites of Passage.

Jesus told us - (Matthew 11:28-30) Come to me -  all you who labor and are burdened - I will give you rest. In this scripture we see the gentle mastery of Christ -  Jesus - always available to each of us - believers and non-believers - any time of day - any day of  the week. While on this Earth - we are never alone - even when we want to be alone - He is there - close at hand - waiting on us - ready to act in an instant - to clean up our mess - to straighten out - organize - to bring order into our messy lives.

Deacon Dale