Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's A Crazy Life

Yes we are not alone - too many of us -  experiencing crazy times. Now that we are back in the Midwest - life has taken on a whole new aspect. After enjoying a relatively relaxing five months - the hectic stuff has quickly crept back into our lives. I have been so busy I haven't been able to take the time to blog - time to correct that. We have figured out that five months was too long to be away - we lost connections with many - fell out of the loop - left by the wayside.  Illinois is more challenging - lots of grass to mow - lawn tractors that break down when you want to use them - weeds to pull - flower gardens to spruce up - not to mention just getting back in touch with everyone we left behind - reconnecting - gathering - getting crazy. Add to these issues - coping with life's daily issues - the political scene - social media - humidity - lots of bugs - fixing things around the house. Slowly getting back to deacon duties at church - in two weeks have served three Masses - baptized three children - signed some witness affidavits - reached out to a young lady about an annulment - just for starters. In four days we leave for a nine day pilgrimage to Poland. Yes life is getting crazy.

God looks over every thing that is going on - not only in my life - but all of our lives - and smiles. Smiles because we are experiencing life to the fullest - with ordinary events - extra ordinary - happy - sad - frustrating - fun - stressful - relaxing. Just as He wanted - exactly why Jesus came - that all might experience life to the fullest. Often people will complain about the unpleasant things in life - why do we have to have those off moments - yet - if we think about it - the rough times - make the good times better - makes us appreciate little things - like peace - quiet - blue skies - white puffy clouds - handshakes - hugs - moments sharing with others. Like my friend Tom said last night - keeping in touch - looking to the future. God is present in everyone - everything we experience. Crazy or not - God is always there - smiling - calling us to touch the Divine.

Deacon Dale