Monday, August 29, 2016

Up In Arms

The term - Up in arms - simply - protesting vigorously about something - anything. Whenever anything happens that does not resonate well with a large group of people - those same people will protest - loudly - creating enough attention - gathering interest - pro and con. It is a sad statement that in this time of our country - that so much unrest exists. For many of us - myself included - it had appeared that the USA was finally starting to pull together - following on the heels of - 911 - fifteen years ago - the nation coming together - arm in arm - united as one body. The unity that existed fifteen years ago has faded - a mere memory for many. Today it is -one for all - myself against the world attitude -exhibited by so many - angry - unhappy - violent people. Refusing to accept - to tolerate - to understand - to learn. Much of this driven by politicians - people elected - to serve the people - through twisted truths and outright lies - all in the name of politics - driving one against another - bad examples to the general population - encouraging too many copycats - for selfish reasons.


Power corrupts - in the time of Jesus - in 2016 - never ending. One would think that in two thousand years we would have learned a thing or two - yet - it still persists. Many wonder why God allows this to continue - the real concern - why do we allow this? As people of God - our charge - our obligation - to do the right thing - to speak out in the name of justice - in the name of peace. Jesus stands and watches - waiting to see if we will be - up in arms - in the name of God - in the name of justice - peace.

Deacon Dale