Friday, April 7, 2017

Grand Son

If a person is blessed with a son who is polite and considerate of others - might refer to him as a good son - nice person. Every parent hopes that their sons - daughters - will grow into fine young mature adults. The bonus when those sons - daughters - become parents themselves - bless their parents - with their own children - grand sons - daughters. In my particular case - blessed with two sons - not good - rather great - grand. God has blessed my wife and I with two sons who have grown into very respectable - grand persons. Both have families of their own - similar - different - always interesting - never boring. Being around our sons - grandchildren - always a grand moment.

When God created man and woman - His design - holy families. Families of men - women - children - grandchildren - living in harmony - peace - challenging each  other - always in love. God's plan - healthy men - women - families - not perfect - not angels - rather people coping with the everyday issues of life - complete with successes - failures. It is in the family - that we support - love - help - grow - in appreciation of our own lives - their lives - the lives of other families around us. It is in the context of family that we journey through these last days of Lent - seeking spiritual growth - for ourselves - our families.

Deacon Dale