Monday, October 30, 2017

Quando Sei Qui - Sei Famiglia

Translated this means - When You Are Here - You Are Family. I have heard and read this phrase at some Italian restaurants in America - in Italy I have been told that one of the main reasons restaurant staff in Italy say this phrase is because they actually mean it. The idea is that when you come to their restaurant - it is the same as if you came into their home to visit - share conversation - eat and drink  - have an enjoyable time. 

When you attend Church - you should have the same feeling - whether an old timer or a first time visitor. We are all children of God - brothers and sisters - in the Lord.  One Lord - One God - One Family. As God calls us to weekly worship - He calls us not as a group of strangers - rather as cousins of one giant family.  We worship together - we pray together - for each other - we rejoice - face issues - together - as family. The minute you enter the parking lot - walk through the door - all of us gather as family - coming together - with similar likes and dislikes - with similar needs - wants - concerns - to support each other as we worship God.  This weekend join the rest of your family - at church - Jesus waits at the door 

Deacon Dale