Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trekking Buddies

As my wife and I prepare to walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain - we are learning many things.  Camino "buddies" is one topic that comes up in many conversations that I read in the various camino forums and Facebook pilgrim groups.  The comments vary from the negative - snoring that interrupts your sleep - to the positive - great conversations and sharing of stories.  These "buddies" are those people who walk with you - either sharing their stories - or in silence - those who bandage others injuries and care for another pilgrim's blisters.  Some "buddies" share their trekking poles in difficult terrain - others share clothes - food - supplies.  Strangers when they started - friends for life - when their trek ends. Even here at home - "buddies" make the training more bearable - more friendly - less boring.  Our newest "buddy" is Dana - a friend from Poland who is visiting for a few months.  Little did she know that most of her time with us will be on the road ways and in the fields training for our Camino walk. Another person to share - to contemplate life with - to endure the many hours of training.

Arlene and Dana

As each of us walks our own "camino" - there will be many challenges and accomplishments - moments of sadness - times of joy.  Experiencing these moments alone can be a big burden - having someone to share them with - a joy.  In our spiritual lives - the same is true.  For those who have accepted Jesus as their personal saviour - no problem - He is always there - waiting - smiling - helping - consoling - for those who have yet to make a personal commitment to God - they walk alone. It makes no difference if one walks the Camino in Spain - or their own personal Camino - doing so alone can be very difficult - for many impossible.  Asking Jesus to be your trekking "buddy" throughout life - will lighten the burden immensely. If you need a "buddy" - ask Jesus - He is available.

Deacon Dale