Sunday, August 18, 2013

17 on 17th

Today was an interesting day for the Diaconate Community in the Joliet Diocese.  This morning at the Cathedral of Saint Raymond - Bishop R. Daniel Conlon ordained seventeen men to the order of deacon.  The ceremony took two hours - praising God for His gift of life and ordained ministry.  I find it interesting that 17 men were ordained on the 17th day of the month.  Perhaps something special will come from this new group of deacons.  Watching this ceremony reminded me of my own ordination - almost 25 years ago. 

I remember lying face down on the cold tile floor during the Litany - wondering what I was doing - how I had gotten to that place - if I really was the right man for the job.  Twenty-five years later I still ask myself - am I the right man.  I may never know.  I left the Cathedral and went home and later in the day celebrated the validation of a marriage with a young couple - I shared this privilege with a brother deacon - it was solemn - it was enjoyable - it was fun.  Maybe I am doing something right - only God knows for sure.

Deacon Dale