Thursday, August 22, 2013


Waiting for anything can be an ordeal - the anticipation of what is to come - will it be on time or late - will there be any obstacles - will I experience or receive all that I expect - what if I don't? All of us have gone through a period of waiting - waiting in line - waiting to be selected - waiting to be served - waiting to arrive. It is normal for us to experience the full range of emotions as we wait. It is only a few days before we leave for our Camino walk in Spain. There are so many parts of this adventure that the waiting game will get every opportunity to surface. The airport - the flights - the connection mid-way - the arrival in Spain - waiting for the train - arriving at the starting point - all involve periods of waiting.
When we first made the adult decision to commit our lives to Christ - we waited.  Waited to see what would happen - waited to see if our lives would change - waited to see Jesus reveal Himself to us in a new and wondrous way. We waited - and waited - and then He acted - often in ways we didn't expect. Jesus is there for all of us - we only have to ask Him into our lives and wait - He will come.

Deacon Dale