Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surviving Christmas

Christmas is an awesome time of year - the fellowship with family - friends - casual acquaintances - the joyful spirit that springs forth from everywhere - the increase in all kinds of activities - shopping - parties - concerts - caroling - traveling - waiting in line - unexpected surprises - good and bad - all add to what makes Christmas so special  and 

YES - Virginia there is stress. However stress does not have to be a bad thing - there is both good and bad stress - stress that energizes - stress  that debilitates - physical stress and emotional stress - real stress - perceived stress - anticipatory stress - situational stress - encounter stress - time stress. Everyone has to cope with stress - children as well as adults - singles as well as couples. Stress can cripple - bring things to a screeching halt - ruin events and projects - or - it may stimulate - challenge - create - results beyond ones wildest dreams and expectations. All of us experience stress - Santa has stress (thank God for the space time continuum - just ask Albert Einstein or Doctor Who?) - God has stress - Jesus had stress. Bottom line - it is how you manage stress and what YOU choose to do with it - that determines if it ends up being a positive or negative experience.  Christmas season is stressful - invite Jesus into your heart and let Him help you enjoy it!

Deacon Dale