Thursday, January 2, 2014

Moving On - Moving In

It is January 2, 2014 - the old year has passed away - whatever happened in 2013 is now history - the new year of 2014 is one day old and the future looks bright - the possibilities unlimited - the potential still untapped. No matter what issues you had to face in 2013 - most are now tucked away - fond memories at best. What lies ahead for each of us is still to be discovered. Resolutions - make them if you will - if you want to feel like a failure when you don't succeed - better than a resolution - take action - today. Do not plan your future actions - implement them! Identify your goal - if nothing else - write it down in your heart - start living it immediately. How far you go - how successful you will be - is limited only by your commitment to yourself.

Start your new year with a prayer - ask God to bless all your plans and activities for 2014 - then live them - with Jesus at your side. He is there waiting - to take your hand - waiting to hold you - waiting to walk with you.  You need to take the first step - to place your trust in Him - invite Him into your heart - ask Him to move in to your life.

Happy New Year
Deacon Dale