Monday, August 25, 2014

Charity Challenge

Right now the "Ice Bucket Challenge" is one of the hottest topics on the Internet and social media. What started as a celebration at sporting events - pouring the giant container of Gatorade over the head of team members - has evolved to a historically unprecedented event of everyone - adults - teens - children - famous and not so famous - recording icy water being poured over their heads - a challenge to do so and then follow up with a donation to charity. It is great fun - an attention getter - displaying how willing almost everyone is to become involved in clean honest fun while raising awareness of those in need. In the days ahead - others will be inventing similar challenges - specifically on social media - to bring awareness to other social issues. Hopefully - in the process - this should not evolve into a mundane occurrence - rather - using the tool of social media - help people with needs to connect with others of means - to solve some of the many issues previously gone unnoticed. People helping people - what a great idea.

God designed this world with that very concept in mind - people helping people. We were never expected to cope with life's issues alone - rather the community was to be the source of constant support and assistance. God calls each of us to be aware - of His presence in our lives - of the presence of others around us - of the presence of those in need. You do not have to be any specific religion - only a caring person - responding to the need when necessary. If we all could learn that - this would be a much better world.

Deacon Dale