Sunday, August 3, 2014

Loaves and Fishes and Thirsty Seekers

 In Today's Holy scriptures the first reading and Gospel seems to focus on earthly needs of people - thirsting - loaves and fishes - feeding 5000 - comforting the belly and the senses. That is not the true focus though - thirsting for God's presence - thirsting for God's blessing - water - wine - milk - honey - that which is needed by all - not always sought after by all. In the Gospel - rather than send people away who are actively seeking the Word - Jesus has them share a communal meal - a feast by some standards - five loaves and two fish - come sit and eat - share with each other the feast laid before you. To us - no feast - to people far from home - no food to eat - hungry - a feast. To be lonesome and hungry - to take and receive - to share from your need - the fragments of yourself - with another - is a reflection of the communion of man.

Besides the apparent miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish - besides the miracle of the ability to feed 5000 - and more - only men were counted - the miracle -  that those who had none - when they finally had their hands on some food - chose to share - rather than hoard - chose to be civil - rather than rude - chose community - over self. Today Jesus calls us - each of us - to share what we have - no matter what - no matter how much - to share in Love - to share as community - thinking of all - not self. We are called to be Christ like - we are called to diakonia - to service - to those - we know - to those we do not know. Called to serve - who will stand - who will respond - who will make themselves uncomfortable - to make others comfortable - Jesus knows.

Deacon Dale