Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving - a day to pause from your normal routines and give thanks to those who have helped make your life better - easier - happier - healthier - more fulfilling. We pause to thank first our God - for His goodness - for his generosity - then family members - close friends - special acquaintances - those who serve us in so many ways - teachers - health and medical personnel - public service persons - those who work in our place so we may spend the day with family - friends. We gather around the meal table - sharing in food and drink - fellowship- stories - past accomplishments - future hopes - looking forward to another year - waiting to be filled with future blessings.

When this world was created - it was filled with everything people would need - drink and food - shelter - heat and cold - sun and stars - night and day - animals to tame - to play - to hunt - to eat - plants - to cultivate - crops to grow - harvest time - gathering in the fruits of hard labor.  In all this - the responsibility of being good stewards - of all that we receive - all that we will receive - all that we will use.  For this - for much much more - things that cannot be seen - things that cannot be touched - things that cannot be felt - we thank - Our Creator -God in Heaven - who blesses - not only this day - but every day of our lives.

Deacon Dale