Friday, December 12, 2014

The Camel's Back

Most of us have heard the phrase "the straw that broke the camel's back" - an idiom that refers to a "final point".  Obviously one single straw would not break any one's back - one single drop of water - does not make the cup overflow - a single lost breath does not make a person suffocate to death.  A lot of straw - a large volume of water - multiple prolonged breaths - come to a point where the volume - weight - reaches a critical point at which a single straw - one lonely drop - one final breathe - tips the scales in an unfavorable way. All of us have a breaking point - that point where we can no longer tolerate - ignore - avoid - the inevitable.  Most of the time that reaction is not dramatic - often hidden well from others - on occasion - manifested in unpleasant outbursts - reactions.  Recently I have been quietly coping with an acquaintance - a self proclaimed atheist - a former Catholic - who has been aggressively posting - anti-Christian - anti-God - messages on social media - ridiculing anyone who does believe - as ignorant - uneducated - simple minded. I have been tolerant - offering polite commentary in response to his posts.  Today was the final straw - a video of a group of "atheists" singing a vulgar Christmas Carole - demeaning all Christians and other people - with any belief in God - Christian - Jewish - Muslim - Hindi - Buddhist.  I admit he has a right to post whatever he wants - that is his right - I also have my rights - so I finally gave in to - this last straw - and have blocked him and his posts  so that I am not subjected to his insults against any belief in God.

Jesus had His detractors in His time - those who ridiculed Him and His message - those who feared Him - feared God - feared themselves. His answer to them much easier than blocking on social media - a simple shake of His foot - sending the dust of His critics back onto the ground where it belonged - under foot - to be trampled on by people - animals - whatever walked on  the ground.  Most did not know - but Jesus and His disciples knew - just as I alone - know.  As Jesus taught us - it is alright to walk away from the unreachable - the untouchable - not preferred - unfortunately a fact of life.  As we continue in our Advent observance - as we reflect on our growth - as we prepare ourselves for His second coming - it is OK - alright - to leave some behind.  All are called - many will follow - a few will be lost. Acceptable to God - acceptable to us.  For the lost - we can only offer prayers and trust in God's Divine Mercy.

Deacon Dale