Monday, December 15, 2014

Do Bee

Most older adults remember the old Romper Room television show - a long-running children's series that was broadcast in the United States from 1953 to 1994 and internationally in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Finland. The program's targeted audience was pre-schoolers under five years old.  One of their regular segments had to do with with an over sized bumblebee called Mr Do-Bee whose task was to teach the children proper manners. He would often say "do be a do-bee - don't be a don't-bee.  The focus was positive imagery - project a positive do-bee attitude rather than a negative don't-bee attitude.  Many teachers have realize that thinking positively  - leaving the negative out of teaching moments - tends to work best - even with adults.  For example when a parent yells "don't slam the door" - children often only hear the end of the command "slam the door" and of course the door is noisly slammed close.  If - on the other hand - they would say "close the door quietly" - the person would hear "door quietly" and surprisingly the door would be quietly closed.  Using a do and don't type of teaching only reinforces the negative since it is the second and last part of the comment that the individual hears.  Rather than "do be generous - don't be selfish" - it would gain better outcomes if the statement was "be generous at all times" - positive on positive - better results - better for all involved.

Saint Paul tells us - pray constantly - in everything you do pray - make your work a prayer - pray for all - positive - positive - positive - positive.  Attitude makes a world of difference - in personal relationships - in public gatherings. As we walk through this third week of Advent - we are called to rejoice - to think positive - to be do-bees.

Deacon Dale