Friday, September 2, 2016

Saintly Mother

Most people - in many places around the world - refer to their mothers as saints - women who rose above the challenges of life - excelled in various ways - raised families - often on their own. My own mother - a saint - having managed two sets of twins - six children under the age of nine - keeping the lot of us under control. I know for a fact that as children we were not always little angels - running havoc around the house. Some women excelled even above that which we think is notable - achieving so much in their lifetime that today they are canonized Saints in the Church. The most recent - Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta - joining Saint Mother Theodore Guerin - Saint Gianna Beretta Molla - Saint Monica. Truth be told - many more women canonized as Saints - all having excelled as women. 

God calls all women and men to saintly lives - lives lived honestly in service to families - neighbors - communities - not all of whom will be declared Saints in the Church. Sainthood is not the goal of Christians - holiness their goal. In lives lived daily - in accordance with the teachings of Jesus - quietly - humbly - holy. Today - another day in which all of us may attempt to reach that goal.

Deacon Dale