Sunday, December 11, 2016

In The Pink

The Third Sunday of Advent - at this point we are - in the pink - literally. Pink - more specifically - rose - is the color assigned to the Third Sunday of Advent. In our parish we do not have rose colored vestments - instead we wear purple. We were given a vestment a few years back - not rose - definitely pink - not a favorite of most priests. Purple is acceptable - thus that is what our priest and deacons wear. Why the rose color in the middle of Advent - you ask.  The focus in Advent is hope - hoping that we are not as bad as we think we are - hoping that we will be accepted into the Kingdom of God - when our days have ended - hoping that through serious reflection and prayer - we may become the people God intended us to be. Four weeks reflecting on your life -  straight through - is taxing on many people - in its wisdom Mother Church tells us to lighten up a bit - switch from purple to rose - reflect on the joy of the season quickly approaching. Focus on the joy one will experience at the end of Advent when we have made ourselves into better people - focusing more on others and less on ourselves. Saint Paul reminds us - rejoice in the Lord always - in all ways - today we heed that advice.

When God created the Earth and all the creatures and plants and humans - he knew - because of His gift of Free Will - that we would go astray - from time to time. Stretching our wings - so to speak - to try things on our own - even when we know better. He knew when in times of stress and trouble - we would try - to do it ourselves - relying on our skills and knowledge - forgetting to invite Him into our lives - to help and bless us.  Whether it is misdirected or just uninformed intentions - we offend God - we become gods - failing in our efforts. The good news - He knew - He understands - He forgives. On one hand He must be proud of us - His children that we wish to take the initiative to be better - yet - at the same time - disappointed that we don't realize that He - is there at our side - constantly - waiting for us to ask Him into our lives - to make things better.  Quietly - like a sentry - armed with everything that we need - He waits.  If you are seeking joy in your life - turn to God - turn to Jesus - invite Him to be a part of your life.  He waits - for all.

Deacon Dale