Monday, December 19, 2016

Countdown To Christmas

The Fourth Sunday of Advent - the last week of prayerful preparation - waiting for Christmas - the second coming of Christ. For three weeks we have prayed - reflected - spent time assessing our lives - what we have done - should be doing. Now in this final week we bring this time of preparation to completion - hoping that what we have done will be enough - for now - to be welcomed into the heart of Jesus - into His Father's heavenly kingdom. In a few short days all our preparation efforts - for ourselves - for the Christmas Season - will be brought to completion. 

Jesus calls us to Himself -  to become incorporated into His heart - to be wrapped in the blanket of comfort and joy - prepared for us - since the beginning of time - by God. Many find it difficult to believe that this gift is offered to each of us - for free - no strings attached. Those who do believe - have faith - faith in God - faith in Jesus. In this last week of Advent - look deep inside - discover the faith in you.  It's there.

Deacon Dale