Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Staying Connected

Connections - probably one of the most important factors in any relationship. Staying connect these days almost too easy via social media.  Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - and so on - ability to immediately post whatever is happening with us - sharing with friends - in real time all of the events in our lives.  Not always a good idea - often things shared that would be better kept private - arguments - sickness - employment concerns - better given time for things to calm down - kept to oneself.  For the most part - the ability to immediately connect a definite positive. 
Connecting with God - always an instant connection - no dropped signals - overcrowded lines - instant on - always on.  Jesus told us that He is the vine and we the branches - always connected to Him via His Holy Spirit - always there to help - forgive - encourage - inspire - to live lives filled with God's peace and joy.  Check your connection today - Jesus is waiting for your call - text - tweet - today.

Deacon Dale