Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Grace Of God

As intelligent life forms each of us is capable of many varied and awesome things. The skills - knowledge we have acquired in the process of growing into mature adults are so varied that I could never list them all. Even if I could name them all - tomorrow - somebody would discover a new and awesome skill not discovered by another.  Each of us - in our own way - is a very specialized creation of God. Yes - we seem to look alike on the surface - that is only our exterior - it is the "stuff" underneath that makes each of us so special.  None of us is identical - even my twin and I were very different in so many ways.  We looked identical - that is where it ended.  We shared many similar interests - to different degrees - to different levels of interest - abilities. All peoples are created in the image of God - all are cut from the same mold - both men and women share that one common fact - beyond that - many differences exist.  Besides the obvious - the "stuff" under the skin - who we are - what we do - how we do it - fantastic variations.  This past weekend the Church ordained men to the priesthood - all of them from different backgrounds - ethnicity - languages.  Now ordained for ministry to  the people of God - one new facet fills each of them - the Grace of God.  None of them capable on their own to fulfill the demands of ordained ministry - The Grace of God - enabling each of them to begin their new positions among His people.

Too many people take the Grace of God for granted - do not understand what it means to experience His Blessings - to be filled with His Graces.  His Grace is what gives us - the ability - strength - energy - to actively serve Him.  Those steeped in prayer - those with a personal relationship with Jesus - also experience the gift of God's Grace - empowering them to be active disciples of our Lord.  All of us - ordained or not - share the responsibility of sharing that gift with all we meet - to the glory of God Almighty.

Deacon Dale