Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Feeling Positive

In spite of the recent reports about clergy abuse - there is a positive side.  Long overdue changes are finally being made.  Rather than argue about cover ups and extremely poor management of these cases - much better to focus on positive changes now being implemented. Unfortunately there is very little anyone can do about events that happened some fifty to seventy years ago.  Anyone guilty -  who is still alive - deserves to be prosecuted and if still in active ministry - immediately removed and stripped of their faculties to function as a priest or bishop.  It is not the first time that the Church - founded by Jesus - has failed the very people it was created to help and protect. None of this was designed or ordained by God.  Ministers are ordinary men - not gods - asked to perform extraordinary duties.  By their nature - men are not perfect - so no surprise that a small percent of them failed the very people they were called to serve.

As people of God - we believe in forgiveness and redemption.  Forgiving these failed men - very difficult for all of us.  Forgiving ourselves for not being more diligent - asking more questions - not blindly trusting men just because they were ordained -  still a fault of ours - but easier to forgive.  The positive side - mentioned above - a new awareness by all - the ordinary people of God now enabled to take control they should have exercised years ago.  The majority of priests - bishops - some 95% - are good - honorable men. Although innocent of these charges - now carrying the guilt on their shoulders - undeserved.  Rather than walk away from the Church - time to walk into the Church - to become even more engaged - not just in weekend Mass - also the daily life of the Church.  Ordinary people taking control - lifting the burden off the shoulders of priests everywhere - working side by side to rebuild - recreate the Hose of God. Modern priests welcome more involvement by their parishioners - welcome the oversight - sharing the obligation to provide a positive environment for all people - young and old.  Throughout the ages people have learned from their errors - now is the time to reinvent - remake the House of God.  Jesus stands at the door - waiting for your knock.

Deacon Dale