Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Next Step

Is this the final straw that breaks the camel's back - the recent report on yet more clergy abuse?  It is not surprising that many are completely sick and tired of these disclosures.  We do have to remember that the majority of these are over 50 years ago.  That does not mean they aren't important - yes they matter - however - the majority of abusers as well as their victims are either very old now - or dead. Although this report is very disturbing - the important thing is to make sure that this does not repeat itself. None of us can sit by and ignore the reality that abuse has happened and possibly could happen again - unless we open our eyes and ears - and take positive action ourselves. Evil will enter our lives unless we act now to keep it at bay and help to eliminate it.  We may not hold the keys to the kingdom - we do not have to hold the door open for evil to enter.  The leaders of the Church have failed - now is the time for all members to accept responsibility to open our eyes and be on watch for any and all warning signs.  Those who do not belong need to be removed as quickly as possible - those who deserve our support must be encouraged to stay firm even though their credibility has been called into question. 
As unhappy as we are about this situation - God is even more upset.  This is not what Jesus planned when He began the Church - peace - harmony - trust - truth.  All of us need to stay firm in our faith - we have endured trials before and in the end God will provide.  Leaving is not an option - the Church needs its people to remain faithful - in spite of a few bad apples - God will make all things right. 

Deacon Dale