Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

Yes Virginia - there is a Saviour - today across the entire world we celebrate His birth - the fact that God humbled Himself and became a mortal - being born in a manger - in a stable - wrapped in swaddling clothes - no refined clothing for Him - the One who was to Come - into the world - to save us from Our sins.  We rejoice - we praise Him - the Author of LIfe - Emmanuel - God with Us - the Prince of Peace - the Lord of Lords - Our God and King.

Into this world He came - not as a soldier - rather as a Warrior - fighting against Satan - battling the evils of the world - to bring us - Christmas Joy.  As we gather today - in church - at home - with family and friends - in our own ways - following our customs - cultural expressions of joy - we acknowledge Jesus - as Our Lord.  May the Blessings of this Christmas Season fall upon all - that those who have ears may hear -  that those who have eyes - may see - the Wonders that our God has reigned upon all of us. 

Merry Christmas
Deacon Dale 

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