Friday, April 19, 2019

3 Daze

Dazed - as being confused - in a fog - unable to think clearly - act normally due to injury - shock -bewilderment.  The number three - reflecting on the Triduum - the three holiest days in the Christian year - Holy Thursday - Good Friday - Holy Saturday - all leading up to - culminating in Easter - the day of Resurrection - celebration of good over evil.  Nobody - layperson - deacon - priest - bishop - can completely know - understand the mind of God.  Exactly what is God's plan - why were certain things allowed to happen - for what reason?  Of course - those who have spent years contemplating these questions may offer us  their understanding of the why - wherefores - but the honest reality - all are educated guesses.  Nobody - not even the Pope - can know the mind of God.  We can make certain assumptions - read the Doctors of the Church - study the writings of those who have invested their entire life into learning these secrets - make observations of past historical events - to help us draw our own conclusions - answers. To This point the Church gives us the gift of these three days to contemplate these specific mysteries.  Holy Thursday - the institution of ministry - helping others - humbling ourselves to wash feet - service to those in need - pulling all this into the sacred mystery of Holy Eucharist - Holy Mass.  Good Friday - a day spent being dazed - confused - trying to focus on the ability of man to harm man - contemplating why humans are able to sink to the lowest levels when facing the darkest secrets in their own lives - creating misdirection - putting the blame on others for their shortcomings - through unspeakable actions.  Holy Saturday - the third day of being dazed - trying to see clearly - to understand the events already experienced - praying that out of chaos - good may surface - to justify bad actions - the good that rises from the ashes of evil. 

At Easter - the Day of celebrating - Resurrection - waving the victory flag - happy to be on the winning team - yet not clearing understanding what was gained - lost.  We will never clearly understand - we will always be in some way dazed by these events - yet - as people of Hope - we Believe.  As believers - we worship - pray - rejoice in the promise that is yet to come in our personal life.  

Deacon Dale